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Cyber Security in 2018

By Jonathan Ingram There has been a tremendous number of articles, case studies and news events written about cyber security incidents thus far in 2018. From retailers to healthcare to manufacturing, all industries have been affected by these phenomena. The bad news is that it is only going to get worse.  As I look at […]

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Cloud Inclination

By Steve Curry One of the most critical aspects of a successful IT entity incorporating Cloud services is having governance policies defined and published. Over the years, I’ve seen organizations reactively send companywide emails regarding changes to staff Cloud consumption policies. I’ve also seen developers wander around looking to find which manager has purged their […]

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Introducing Steve Curry!

We are Excited to Announce our Manager of Cloud Services, Steve Curry A Richmond native, Steve is a attended VCU-School of Business. He has spent the last 16 years building his technical skill set in the UK.   Most recently, he held positions in lead UK consultancy firms and cloud service providers that landed him working with […]

How to choose a vendor you can trust

Columnist Rob Enderle has spent decades watching and working with vendors. Here’s a look at how he chooses which vendor to go with and why. One of the issues we all have is knowing whether you can trust a company or not. There are classes of companies like cable firms and cellular carriers where the […]

Defining your pace as a change agent

When new leaders join organizations, they bring with them their passion and energy for business. Quite often, they see and hear many things that need to change, and change quickly. However, the best leaders understand the need to slow down and fully examine the organization, the staff and the culture before making any sweeping changes. […]

CIOs embracing hybrid cloud and software-defined data centers

Companies building mobile and Web applications to support their digital businesses depend on a mix of private and public clouds to exchange data, said Bill Fathers, VMware’s executive vice president and general manager of cloud services. Fathers said companies are struggling to deal with a “fundamental shift in application deployment patterns,” That’s forced CIOs to […]