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Hyperconverged? Part 2

Read this first:  Hyperconverged? Part 1 Enough negativity, let’s look at the benefits gained by using some of the more promising HCI platforms. While often implemented as scalable node-based appliances and a server virtualization hypervisor.  Many vendors use the same or very similar hardware appliances to achieve scalability and many use the same hypervisor manufacturer.  […]


Part 1 Hyper-:  a prefix meaning “over,” usually implying excess or exaggeration. Converged:  the past tense of a verb meaning the tendency to meet in a point. Two or more things inclining toward one another. Based on the above, hyperconverged could be defined as an excessive coming together of two or more things.  In technology, […]

The Death of IT

A call to action From the beginning of (business) time, (automation) tools have been utlized to create competitive advantage. As these tools become commodity, competitive advantage decreases. Requiring no specialized skills to implement or maintain, cloud-based services will replace the complexity of yesterday’s systems. In the near future, the ‘anything as a service’ model will be the […]